Art – both liberating and rehabilitating – is, for me, the most effective means of self-expression. The notion of achieving harmony with not only oneself, but also with the outside world, is the foundation of my work. It’s inevitable that people will experience hardships and hurdles as they go through life; however, the way you deal with and overcome those obstacles is what truly defines you as a person. Losing my father to cancer at a young age as well as traveling and meeting people throughout the world has profoundly influenced me. I have learned that there are positive and negative energies in the universe. My heart has been broken, and spirits/emotions have been through highs and lows, but I have focused on being a positive person and the impact has been amazing. Experiences and people can really open your eyes if you let them. My resilience and overwhelming optimism has truly helped shape the person I am today.
       Art is what makes me feel free in my own head and the way to express personal serenity. Bright, bold colors are often used to express the positive energy I try to obtain. As my art matures, I’ve learned that sometimes more subdued colors can also be very peaceful.
       I consider myself fortunate having a passion for both painting and hand dying silk because they both allow me to express myself in different ways. When I feel like making something for the body, I can work more free with the fabric dying. When I feel like being more focused and tranquil, I paint scenes from my imagination. Painting and replicating faces is also a preferred subject. 
       No matter what I am creating, it all has the same outcome, expressing the positive energy I feel in my soul.